The following people have made Big Huggin' available to children for free by supporting the project through Kickstarter. A hearty thank you to the following who agreed to have their names listed as supporters:

Jack Holmes

Reality is Broken PaperpackJane McGonigal
Jason Leigh, EVLJason Leigh

Glenn Platt

The Tolia Family

Zette Harbour:

David Galiel:

Bo Brinkman:

Brandon Bozzi:

Laurel & Artie:

Tim Russo:

Max Juchheim

Ann E. Wagner

Stephanie Gauer

William Limratana:

Elizabeth Pliley

Dave Laramie


Bastian Hellmann

Marvin Hawkins

Eleventy Media

Stacey Stormes

Teemu Haila

Lucky Pause


Thank you to these and other Kickstarter supporters who have helped bring free Big Huggin' bears to children.