Black Like Me (8/4/13)

From Google Play:

Black Like Me is a simple puzzle game. Match the color to win. The longer you play, the more the colors look alike. The game starts easy, but doesn’t stay that way. This game is mesmerizing and simple. Can you really tell your colors apart, or in the end does everything just look black to you?

“Like popping bubbles – but much more fun!”

-More than 20 levels to unlock
-10 unlocked levels featuring sneaky color changing, blending, color mixing and more
-No ads or additional payments

Black Like Me is procedural color matching. The player must repeatedly find a specific color and match it. As the game continues the colors become less diverse. By the end of each level, there is little difference between the colors. Players must fine tune their ability to discriminate between colors.

The game is related to that perpetual game of identity matching we engage in every day.

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