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All 4 One

simultaneity level example
"All for one and one control for all"

The game is an action-puzzler, where the player must navigate multiple robots to various exits.  Each robot is controlled by the same set of arrow keys or gamepad buttons, so a movement left moves all robots left.  The robots begin in synch, but any physical contact throws the robot out of synch. Any time a robot hits a wall or another robot, it becomes damaged. Damage the robot too much and it will be destroyed.

Points are awarded for getting as many robots as possible through exits

All 4 One is a reflection on the notion of simultaneous benefit, asking the player to think about consequence globally. It also serves as a pedagogic exploration into training players to think about simultaneous ramifications.

In terms of Critical Design and Critical Gameplay, All 4 One is a game to critique the relative absence of a simple game mechanic.  Since much of the virtual world of computer games is based on the physical world and its rules, it seemed necessary to build a game that exploited the potential in solely computer-based play.

Screenshots from the game:

Level 1 Simultaneitysimultaneity level examplesimultaneity screenshotysimultaneity screenshot


Download Simultaneity game

Download All 4 One for Windows XP, Vista and 7

Instructions: Steer the robots toward the red arrows. The required number of robots to save in each level is indicated in the upper right.

  • Steer with arrows keys or left analog stick
  • and bumpers
  • Press [R] to restart level
  • Press [ESC] to quit.